M. Kalve Memorial Cup 2022

MKMC 2022  will be held in 9.-11.09.2022!


Dear Friends,


GC Piruett has the pleasure to invite your club to participate in the MALL KALVE MEMORIAL CUP in the invitational aesthetic group gymnastics (AGG).


Competition date: September 9th-11th  2022


Dear participants, coaches and judges,


We’re excited that our Mall Kalve Memorial Cup`22 competition will be taking place soon.


Friday, 09th September



Saturday, 10th September

Venue is open from 10:00 o`clock


Accreditation in Kalev Sports Hall 10:45


Judges meeting in Kalev Sports Hall 11:15 (N.Logvinenko in charge)


Competition starts at 12:00


Short program groups 12:00-13:50


  1. Short program Children 8-10y
  2. Short program Children 10-12y
  3. Short program Children 12-14y
  4. Short program Juniors
  5. Short program Women

All groups will have two attempts (preliminaries and finals)

Lunch for judges 13:50 -14:10


Competition continues 14:15- 15:35

1. CHILDREN 8-10y                                                                                                         

2. CHILDREN 10-12y

All groups will have two attempts (preliminaries and finals)

15 min break

Competition continues 15:45-16:35     

  1. CHILDREN 12-14y

All groups will have two attempts (preliminaries and finals)

Awarding and closing Ceremony 16:50



Please feel free to contact by email (agg@piruett.ee), if You require any further information.